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July 23, 2010 / Sarah Moore

would rather be at the Lido!

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I’ve always loved this fabric pattern called “At the Lido” at Lee Jofa. I always think, this looks like such a great place, wherever it is!

I looked up “At The Lido” just for fun after going to the Design Center today and found a clip from the movie “Starlit at the Lido.” Kinda fun…



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  1. denwayz / Jul 23 2010 7:12 pm — Some interesting items here e.g., “…In 2005 a major breakthrough in lido revival took place when English Heritage published Liquid Assets – the lidos and open air pools of Britain, produced as part of the Played in Britain series. Author Janet Smith had spent years researching (and swimming in) lidos around the country and her book explored the past, present and future of open air pools.”

  2. Sarah Moore / Jul 24 2010 3:49 pm

    thanks Den…wow, I would love to see this book!! so interesting…

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