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July 24, 2010 / Sarah Moore

painting tips from a rock star/color guru!


On Call When the Paint Chips Are Down

I love and totally agree with Mutimear’s advice in this article, especially about the fact that perception of color is so different when seen on a small chip vs. on a huge wall. I also have noticed the texture of the wall is always something to consider. The more texture, the more little shadows…and suddenly what appeared as a lighter color appears a few shades darker. Still, with all of this, I think most designers find selecting paint colors challenging and often have to experiment a bit during the process…



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  1. Amber / Jul 25 2010 9:25 am

    I love this one and I love the link! That is just the sort of thing I want to read about.

    My fave line of his, “I contain my sarcasm.”


  2. Amber / Jul 25 2010 9:40 am

    Also, I am personally always trying to add gray to paint colors and I was feeling insecure about that and wondering if it means I’m depressed or something! I’m now so validated and relieved knowing that a color guru does the same thing! Thanks for this awesome blog post!

  3. Amy / Jul 26 2010 9:57 am

    This is an interesting article. I have always been fascinated by paint colors, and have had many hits and misses in my amateur painting efforts. One of the biggest hits was a color called “Panama” by Pratt & Lambert–chosen on the spot w/o even taking a chip home. It was a warm, deep yellow and it worked gorgeously in a dark cramped NYC flat, esp. with lamplight and candles, totally transformed the space, as did BM’s “Celestia Blue” with my current bathroom. “Banana Split” on the old NYC kitchen somehow didn’t quite work (too sunny, too similar). Sarah has given me great advice in this complex world of paint chips and finishes. It’s a learning process that i enjoy and I’m grateful to have her guidance!

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