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September 27, 2010 / Sarah Moore

fight-love-live (Filoli!)

Finally, on a whim, I visited Filoli, which is a beautiful estate in Atherton, west of Highway 280, that was given to California in the 70’s (I believe). Unfortunately, I had a wild toddler with me so instead of inspecting every detail like I would have loved to, I only skimmed the surface (the story of my life as of late), but nonetheless found this place magical. Here are some shots I took with the trusty iphone (wish I had my better camera, but no problem, because I’ll be back soon!)

Click here for Filoli’s website

hydrangea heaven

hydrangea heaven

doors to the garden


An enormous birdcage with doves and the cutest lady I've ever seen!

An enormous birdcage with doves and the cutest lady I've ever seen!

miniature garden at Filoli

yep, this would be a miniature garden depicting the larger one next to it. Have you ever seen anything cuter? I want one!

round window


carpet that belonged to Queen Victoria Filoli

can you picnic at Filoli? absolutely not! (we were scolded for picnicking on their expensive food by a grumpy docent). But walk on a carpet that once belonged to Queen Victoria? No problem!

the original kitchen at Filoli

the original kitchen at Filoli- love the wedgewood-blue cabinet interiors!

kitchen island

what I love about this kitchen island- it is no frills, totally utilitarian. And I've always loved islands with varnished wood tops (done in same way as dining tables)



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  1. Gabriele Lange / Oct 6 2010 4:59 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    I just visited your blog for the first time and love your images of Filoli.
    It’s long been on my list of things to do, places to visit, but I also thought it might be more enjoyable without my tow kids in tow.
    Remember, I am the friend of Josina and Jonathan.

  2. Patrick / Oct 23 2010 6:20 am

    I just love Filoli, love everything about it, I used to be a member, but it’s been a while since I’ve been. Loved seeing these photos. I think the best thing about the house is the baking ROOM in the kitchen, as well as the silver vault in the butler’s pantry.

    Would love to go with you some time

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